These are the initial tests of shooting with a 360° video camera rig.

Recorded with the 360Heros H3Pro10HD. The 10 GoPro videos were then stitched using Autopano Video Pro. The still shots use the Navegar Fulldome Plugin in After Effects to then add virtual camera movement.

More info available:

It should be noted that these stitches are not optimized in Autopano Video Pro. These only use the initial automatic stitch because I just wanted to see the results quickly. So any obvious seams or parallax errors you see could be fixed with some hand polishing.

360° of footage is recorded, but this video uses a fisheye projection with 220° of FOV. Also the colors are super saturated to look optimal when projected into a planetarium dome. Original resolution: 4096x4096px fisheye. 8192 x 4096 equirectangular (spherical).

Three different types of camera movements showcased: motorized wheelchair, manual wheelchair, and still shots. After these first camera tests, I went on to successfully experiment with a tracked dolly. But those are not included in this video.

Music by: The Flashbulb - Brown #12 (album: M³)

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