The lack of any FPV-themed videos reflects the fact that a) the weather in the UK has been horrific, and b) I was on holiday with the family.

We spent 10 nights in a lovely resort called Sun Peaks, which is near Kamloops in Canada. Fantastic place, with the only pain being the huge journey to/from the UK and the 8 hour time difference. (the 6 hour delay on the way home didn't help either)

I would have loved to have FPV'd up and down the mountains, but instead the whole family was equipped with GoPro mounts to their helmets. I ended up with 94GB of footage of which at least 70% is us telling each other our ski boots hurt. Despite the various and sometimes big looking crashes, no injuries, and we all went back in one piece.

Music: "Come and get it" by Kewella (Razihel remix)

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