Hi, My name is David Abron and I have been in the Network Marketing Industry for almost 20 years! In fact, I started my very first Network Marketing Business when I was 18 years old.

The thing was, I was listening to the wrong mentors. I'm not saying that my upline didn't know what they were talking about. They did! The problem was, that my upline was also listening to the wrong mentors, and they were doing exactly what they Believed was the best thing for themselves and for me.

Once I Began to employ the Blogging strategy I outlined in the video above, my results and those of my team began to skyrocket!

Here is what I believe is True: The Friends and Family approach is bonifide, proven and works well for some...and yet truly, it is a 2-6 year strategy to achieve most financial goals of Network Marketers. And lets face it, it is the #1 reason this Industry is suffering from a 97% failure rate!

Rather, the Viral Blogging method...placing your much needed VALUE in front of a demographic that is actively searching for exactly what you have is, well M A R K E T I N G !!!

I don't know about you ...but I much rather offer people VALUE as my daily activity then spending my precious time on the Phone selling, following up, 3-way calling...and all to a tune of 97% attrition—No Thank You!

It is my Mission to Help out 2 People TODAY gain control of their Business and their Team and begin to build the Organization you came here to build!

Click the Link below and lets Lock Arms together! For Yourself, your Team and Your Family!

To your Success!

David Abron

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