Some very early clips since receiving the SLR Magic Anamorphot. Initially hoped to use my SLR 25mm CINE lens as the taking lens. Unfortunately the 25mm lens design is not really suitable without support which is not the direction I want to go in right now. In the absence of any other taking lens, I decided on a different approach. Here is footage using a Panasonic 14-45mm kit lens. I was amazed at how easy it was to mount the adapter on the lens (there are several very helpful YouTube videos around) and was immediately able to go film, all hand held.

The lens, while functional and having the benefit of IS, is also not totally suitable for the task due to the sliding zoom housing. If I had to, in a pinch I would certainly use it. I tried the Panasonic 20mm with the adapter which yielded a wonderfully compact system, but again construction wise, it’s not really suitable for what I want to do. While I wait for an alternative, I’m testing it on a variety of other lenses. So far the best results have come from a LOMO 35mm lens and the Helios 58mm. Both have drawbacks for portable use. The LOMO has a rotating front aperture ring which means if you change aperture you have to realign the adapter. But for a controlled shooting environment, it certainly delivers lovely images. The Helios also really needs a lens support as the weight of the adapter binds the focus mechanism.

Featuring: 20DB
Music: Meikyu - Voices from the Lake
Camera: GH2 (handheld)
Lens: Panasonic 14-45mm with SLR Magic Anamorphot 1.33 - 50 adapter
Edited: FCP X

Additional anamorphic footage with LOMO: (shaky)

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