Ben Richmond, Sales and Product lead for Xero NZ and Ian Proudfoot, KPMG Global Agribusiness Leader, talk about Farming in the Cloud and what it will do for the rural sector.

"Technology adoption on the farm is really accelerating," explains Ben.

"We're really keen to work with key rural partners to help us steer both our model and our farming software partners and really drive the industry forward."

"You guys know that cloud offers opportunity. You've seen how it's changed your practices form your non-farming clients, you've seen that next level of service you can provide them" he reminds the audience.

"We're going to enable you to take that to the rural sector."

There's a real need, he explains, because more farmers need to run their farms as a business – rather than running it the same was previous generations have.

He goes on to reveal the Ministry of Primary Industries discovered 20 percent of all red meat farms in New Zealand deliver the mammoth share of the profits. The rest are under-performing, because they're not actively managing their farm as a business.

"The industry needs to collaborate better, it needs to share data – in the cloud we can do that."

For example, banks and farmers need to be able to share data and collaborate better. To achieve this, "we need to provide better tools, more automated software... software that's more intuitive and easy. We need tools that allow everyone to work together and talk together properly."

Xero's Farming in the Cloud solution aims to address this and other issues holding back the business side of farms – check out Ben's keynote video to get the entire picture.

Xero will deliver Farming in the Cloud mid-2014.

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