It's official: Congress has entered its "season of posturing". For the next eight months, policy priorities will be replaced by partisan talking points as each side tries to rally the voting base in time for the election.

The 113th Congress has failed to pass legislation on a single significant issue on its legislative agenda. Plans to simplify the tax code, overhaul Fannie and Freddie, reform immigration, and find a solution to the crisis in entitlement spending have all fizzled out. Even small bits of legislation with bipartisan support like unemployment benefits extension or an expansion of veteran's benefits have not garnered legislative action.

Strategically, Congress has voted on a budget and raising the debt ceiling, two issues that were politically toxic last November. By clearing the deck of pesky budget battles, members can focus on their top priority, re-election. After the midterms, it's likely that the lame duck Congress will finally have the bandwidth to tackle its most important issues.?

#SettleUp how this lame duck Congress is cooking today on Bloomberg Government.

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