ALCESTIS (2012-2013)
written & directed by Nancy Keystone
created in collaboration with Critical Mass Performance Group
premiere co-production: The Theatre @ Boston Court, 2013

THE MYTH: In ALCESTIS, a king, Admetus, is fated to die young. However, the god Apollo, intervenes, making a deal with the Fates to let Admetus live if someone else will die in his place. Admetus' wife, Alcestis, volunteers to die to save her husband's life. In this sequence, Admetus grieves for his dead wife after the funeral.

Shining new light on the ancient story, our ALCESTIS is at once a retelling of the myth, inspired by Euripides' play, and a visceral meditation on its contemporary themes: love, death, marriage and the overpowering will to live. The piece alternates between narrative scenes, both text-driven and non-verbal, and "choral" interludes which explore the ideas that arise from the story.

original music and sound design by Randall Tico
additional music (this sequence): "Seems Like Old Times," music & lyrics by Carmen Lombardo, recorded by Guy Lombardo

ensemble: Russell Edge, Ray Ford, Lorne Green, Danielle K. Jones, Nick Santoro, Jeremy Shranko, Valerie Spencer, Kalean Ung

stage manager: Casey McGann
dramaturg: Mona Heinze
lights: Adam Frank
costumes: Sarah Brown
scenic design: Nancy Keystone
assistant director: Turner Munch

Originally developed at the Getty Villa Theatre Lab (An Alcestis Project) in 2012.

edited by Regina O de Freitas

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