Hasel and Rose ( published by Penguin Aust) This is the first picture book, I have both written and illustrated.
I am very excited to say here it is , at long last…
The unique pairing of verbal and visual language in the form of picture books has fascinated me forever.
Having now written my own text for the picture book, ‘Hasel and Rose’, I feel more respect than ever for what writers do.

Oddly, it has made me also more appreciative of the image makers.
Pictures have for me, been little emotional lightning rods.

Going through the contortions of putting into words what I would normally express in drawings was quite uncomfortable.
At one point I even tried to write in German, my first language. Anything to reach some kind of musical flow.
In my frustration, I oozed drawings until there was an embarrassing pile of avoidance….but you get the idea.

I am looking forward to doing it all again soon…

This book trailer was in collaboration with a group of very gifted people and some very excellent friends.
It started out as an idea roughly transferred to post-it notes on a cardboard sheet. A story board …of a kind.

A friend, writer and soon to be (for this trailer at least) production assistant, Alana Brekelmans did introductions to film director Tim Bray.

Tentatively, I showed the board to Tim who took the concept and breathed life into the trailer. Tim enlisted cinematographer Jordan Glew and another production assistant, Amelia Zimmerman to film. For someone who usually works alone in my studio, it was magical to be part of such a creative team.

After the filming was finished, it would have been an injustice not to have a soundtrack of top quality to match. So James Enchelmaier a music producer and sound engineer was enlisted.

Then Andrew Wrangell, music composer created an original score.

All that was left was to persuade (beg) a group of superb musicians to record the piece. To this end I am eternally grateful to:

Janet Brewer – Clarinet

Andew Wrangell – Piano

Brett Newmann – Drums

Ken Gibson – Bass

I extend my thanks and gratitude for what they have brought to this project.

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