Written by Sam Rubin and Michael T. Scott

Five little marshmallows came upon a cup
To find hot cocoa is what filled it up
The first one said
"That smells divine
and a soothing dip would feel just fine"
He dipped in a toe just to make sure
Then he hopped right in
And so there were four

The next marshmallow was the curious sort
His envious query brought an inviting retort
"How does it feel?"
"Well dive in and see!"
And after the sploosh
There were then three

Feeling left out, this marshmallow was low
He wondered if into the cup he could go
"What about me?"
He asked, feeling blue
"Well come in and join us"
And then there were two

So two marshmallows stand, looking on
At their friends who jumped in
To the warm cocoa they were drawn
"If you three don't mind
I'd like to join in the fun"
"Come in, there's plenty of room!"
And now there's just one

The last marshmallow didn't look as delighted
Even after his friends called and invited
"Sashay right on in
And play in the cup!"
"No thanks, I prefer tea."
And then there were none.

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