Conceptual photofilm
Download the credits' Wellness Song and lyrics for free on Bandcamp:

4 women* with 4 disposable cameras each commit an act of wellness

In the format 'photofilm', multiple properties of time and temporality interweave: the past, conserved in the still image, the present, the moment of watching and perceiving, the future, the viewer's focus on the narration and next image of the ongoing film.

"Act of Wellness" renegotiates temporality, but does so as a collective experience of Women* of Color: **being** arranged in historiography, arranging oneself in a presence in which our lives are heavily affected by the effects of historical violence, and, through breaking historical patterns, shaping our personal and collective future.


Kalimba-Interludes are playing variations inspired by "I'm every woman".

No photo editing, no staging, no script.

Part of Noah Sows multimedia installation „Wellness“.

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