Leilah is a girl who I'd had my eye on for a while, following her on social media after my housemate spoke wonderfully of her (they traveled to Uganda together a couple of years ago). You get a feel for who a person is by seeing the things they post, so I had a friend-crush on her. We liked each other's posts occasionally, but states separated us. When she became engaged, I even more thoroughly enjoyed the things that she'd write and post, as they were pertaining to the thoughts of marriage and life together. I really liked her thoughts regarding name change and deciding to have an adoption trust fund rather than gift registry. She found an awesome guy, Kyle and they're great together. I enjoyed my roadtrip to Milwaukee with my housemates, we think it's a really cool place and would love to return. What a beautiful day in the park as Kyle Hines and Leilah Korban became a new family, the Korbines. kyleilah.blogspot.com/

Thank you Fever Fever, Year of the Buffalo, Paper Daughter and Heather Evans for permission to use your songs. Like what you hear? Check them out!


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