The goal of this project was to develop a detailed story, complete with plot, characters, and a standard story arc, and then finalize it through storyboards, timing, and audio.

The story revolves around Baphomet, a misunderstood pagan god who's trying to get by day in and day out, in a world that sees him as something that he's not. After getting fired from his last job, he feels as if he's at the end of his rope - until Peach comes along. Even with Lucifer as his support, can Baphomet overcome his social anxiety?

Voices (In Order of Appearance):
manager - Emmett Shearer
Baphomet - Emmett Shearer
Lucifer - Matt Schafer
woman 1 - McKaylee Wetzle
woman 2 - Emmett Shearer
barista - Emmett Shearer
Peach - McKaylee Wetzle
creep - Emmett Shearer

Fall 2013. Instructor: Jeremy Baker.

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