How to potty train your puppy?

This is the original version of "Mystique Ringing the Bell" training to go potty outside. This is the longer version. When I tried to upload the one with the "Funky Town" theme song in YouTube, they wouldn't play this on mobile devices like iPhone or Tablet. can only view it on your laptop or computer.

Well, after this complication, I decided to get a paid account on Vimeo and uploaded the original video of Mystique and they took it. When your dog learns to ring the bell and that she can get a treat on this, she will ring the bell on her own. When she rings the bell on her own, TAKE HER OUTSIDE. That's what you want her to do.

Whenever you take the leash to take her outside, let her ring the bell, and take her outside. The treat STOP and this is what you want her to do -- GO OUTSIDE and GO POTTY.

Anyway, I hope this help some of you training your pup to go potty outside. Mystique is pretty good ringing this bell now whenever she wants to go potty outside. Took her about 9-days to learn this. Anyway, have a great good day!

NOTE: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own the song. This is strictly for "educational" purposes only.

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