We at Freedom and Fashion believe that a holistic approach is needed to decrease the exploitation of women and children in Los Angeles. This year, we have two unique programs to accomplish this. We want to impact hundreds of women and children and need to raise a total of $100k to implement these two programs. We will start off at $10k, but please don't let that stop you from giving more!

Program 1: "Daughters of Love" Sewing and Mentorship Program

We want to change the culture of Los Angeles by creating new projects that shape how people view women. This year, in partnership with AVIVA Family and Child Service Center, we will directly mentor with 36 young women who are survivors of homelessness and sexual abuse through a fun sewing arts program. While we teach them to sew, we will also teach from a customized curriculum exploring the issues surrounding women in society.

We need a total of $30,000 for this project.
We have a teacher ready to start. We have 36 students waiting.
Help these young teens gain confidence in being a women!
Program 2: "Access and Impact" - A resource network website (BETA)

Here is a typical scenario behind the scenes of a non-profit organization: a womens' shelter suddenly needed 20 beds and need them within a week. It is difficult for this organization to start looking for extra funds to pay for the beds. They waste valuable time and mental energy locating these extra funds. This happens far too often and can be avoided. Here is what FNF wants to do to solve problem:

Partnered with 5 reputable local women and children shelters and non-profits, FNF will create the first online website of its kind that will provide lightening speed (1 week turnaround) help to these 5 organizations. Once our non-profit partners have a need, FnF will look through our database of companies who have provided sponsored items or funds and make sure the items/funds/services are delivered as quickly as possible.

We need a total of $70,000 for this project.
We believe that the more resources that a non-profit receives, more women and children can be restored quickly.
We are a 501(c)(3) IRS register non-profit with an excellent track record. Your funds will directly improve the lives of women and children in Los Angeles.
Previously, we have produced fashion shows, and various events that have educated the public about why human trafficking and sexual exploitation exists and connected organizations to various resources.
Are you a Company with Resources?

Join us in being a part of the "Access and Impact" database of products, funds, or services to be matched with our 5 non-profit partners.

Email: info@freedomandfashion.com to participate.
As a thank you, we will provide a tax-receipt of your contribution amount.
Visit: freedomandfashion.com to learn about FnF and what we have done.

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