Episode One of Season Two!

Ingrid is back, with a renewed passion for filmmaking. Looking for a team, she attempts to recruit freshman, and only marginally succeeds, forcing her to reenlist the former Duct Tape Commercial crew for her projects.


A comedy web series about the highs, lows, and blunders surrounding student filmmaking.

All Ingrid wants to do is make films. However, after her brief experience working with Chris and had his duct tape schemes last year, her past experiences haven't been that great.

Unfortunately for her, getting a film team on campus isn't that easy and beggars can't be choosers.

With the reluctant acceptance of help from former friends like Joanne and James, and the addition of three new filmmakers—A quirky horror film fan named Elliot, an overly passionate musical theater fanatic named Samantha, and the always philosophizing Gabrielle, this rag-tag group of students set out with a singular goal in mind: To make a film worthy of being screened on campus by the infamous Film Collective.

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