As promised sharing some of my Zumba Step choreo for Sin Wagon (Dixie Chicks). Look for a Zumba Step class near you at

I do not own the rights to the music no copyright infringement intended. I'm sharing my version of the choreography with instructors that would like to share choreography ideas. I do not make any money from these videos. I only share them because I love to share choreography ideas/modifications. Please subscribe and share your choreography videos with me.

I'm sharing some aerobic dance choreography so I don't forget it, and for anyone that wants some ideas. This is just for fun. Yes, I mess up and space out sometime. Please LIKE my FAN page (, where I'm going to keep uploading videos like this. I would really appreciate it.

More legal mumbo jumbo: These videos are not intended to be a home workout. If you use these videos as a workout, I'm assuming you are in proper physical shape to handle them. Anyone that starts a physical fitness program should get clearance from their physician and by doing these videos as home, you take full responsibility for your actions. I'm not there to clarify, help you modify or to tell you not to do it if you have a physical condition that should prevent you from doing them.

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