There is no doubt that you are an eternal being having a mortal experience, but you have the most powerful force of intention of any class of beings in the universe. The question is, "Are you conscious?" This book will provide vital awareness and the tools to create resonations across space and time to make your dreams a reality. You are 100% responsible for your life condition. Now learn step by step how to dream, and then how to manifest those dreams into reality. The math, physics, and the simple techniques for accessing this knowledge is laid out for you. Come on. What are you waiting for?

Music: Angels And Demons Soundtrack
Track:Religion And Science
Composers: Joshua Bell, Hans Zimmer
Label: Sony Classics
The writings contained in these books tell the most complete story of creation ever compiled. All the ancient religious viewpoints are carefully matched with the most leading edge scientific viewpoints to explain how the Earth was created. It explains the movement of bodies through space in periods well beyond the speed of light, because there is another way through the expanse of space. It even takes into consideration that human consciousness itself may be a creative force in the universe. You have heard that many are called, but few are chosen? Well, here is the truth.

Many are called, but few CHOOSE. That's right! We have the choice to walk whatever path we want. And, if we choose a new path, does that throw the future into motion...again? There are thousands of us now on the Earth, flooding our communities with light. Why not read the books and choose a new future for planet Earth, instead of feeling like it has been chosen for you? And if you can do it, then your neighbor can too. Maybe we all can walk to a new future of light and hope and peacefully away from the doom of gods and war. Read the chapter on the Union of the Polarity and discover the planet Earth may have a spirit as well, and that we are an integral part of her evolution as well.

Do you feel like you're not from around here? You're right. Read these books and start walking. Get off the eschatological train and let's set a course for the stars where we came from. Remember, you are Source.
If you wish to purchase the books by phone, you may call the Author House Book Order Hotline at 888-280-7715, but please note that our audio book offer is not available through the publisher.

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