And in Poland, a mother gave birth to female quintuplets. The five sisters are three month premature and are doing fine at a Krakow hospital.

Baby Olivia was born 14 weeks early. So were her four sisters and they're all doing well despite their premature birth.

The quintuplets were born by caesarian section in Krakow to some very proud parents.

[Paulina Szymkiewisz, Mother of Quintuplets]:
"It's not everyday that people get this kind of news. It's easier to win the lottery, than to give birth to five children. We are very happy, the most important thing now is the health of the children."

The babies were conceived naturally.

They'll remain in hospital for the next three months but doctors say their prospects are good.

[Ryszard Lauterbach, Doctor]:
"It's an exceptional situation, but in this instance the sex of the children is an advantage. Males born at such a premature stage have less chance than females. Premature females do much better."

The sisters are probably identical but doctors won't be sure for another few weeks.

One thing is certain though: their parents have quite a challenge ahead.

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