> > > > This is the only footage I have from my performance on Cuba Street, Wellington. It was shot from an iPhone, so, I am sorry for the crassness of the video.

PLAY WITH YOURSELF is a fashion collection that presents the coming together of two main themes that are prevalent in my work and in my life:
gender and play.

I have been exploring the embodiment of gender and sexuality and how an individual can use clothing to morph the body to fit a gender identity, or otherwise, bridge the gap between the way one feels and the way one appears. More specifically, I am exploring the temporality and fluidity of gender appearance and how we can use 'playing with our clothes' as a representation of 'playing with our gender'. I began with investigating drag queen culture where I became interested in the ‘push to excess’ and the layering of gender. Thereby, creating a focus around 'dressing up' and how an individual can seamlessly switch from one gender identity to another and in-between. A single gender appearance is not absolute, it is temporal, changeable and unpredictable.

Outfits are interactive and playful using large, soft balls to pad out the body in experimental ways. These balls can then be taken out of the garments and where balls once were; leave obscure sagging membranes, or alternatively can be tucked inside to form cratered pockets.

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