Ninety miles of turquoise sea separates Cuba from the United States, two vastly different
worlds. They harbor the dreams and ambitions for many young men who risk everything for the
chance to escape the cement walls of El Malecon.

‘Escape 4 the Game’ is the story of Cuban men who shared the dream to play Major League
Baseball in the United States; to be a part of ‘America’s National Pastime.’ In order to
accomplish this, they had to escape from one of the last remaining communist strongholds in
the world: their homeland.

Thus, began their search for a life of freedom, and a chance to test their talents against some of
America’s best ballplayers. They risked their lives for a dream and crossed the treacherous
tropical seas where hope can drown in a sudden moment. Three different men, three different
journeys, three different outcomes, all to ‘Escape for the Game’

Yunel Escobar, a powerful hitter and shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays, along with childhood
friends, Johan Limonta, first baseman for the San Diego Padres farm league, Joel Perez, Yamel
Guevara, and two others, fled from the socialist grasp of Fidel Castro, leaving behind their
country, friends, family, and roots.

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