A humbly made corporate film made for the Goodwill store of Suwon, South Korea, about a child with Down Syndrom who struggles at school and with people, until he finds a job at the store.

A very small project that made us try limited animation in order to make it on time, for the Goodwill store in Suwon, South Korea. We went to interview some mothers of disabled children living in this suburb of Seoul, to get an idea of what it would be like to grow up as a disabled child, for daily tasks, finding a school, then a job...

At first, what they told us seemed like a perfect life without any problems. Of course, these mothers wouldn't open up to the strangers we are about the difficulties they went through. But after talking for several hours, they started to tell us some stories. Here is one that happened to one of their child, but we couldn't fit in this animation.

One day, her son was playing with the neighbour's kid. The mother of this kid was watching them. Her son, as Down Syndrom people are, was very affectionate. When he saw such a cute kid, he pinched his cheeks gently like your grandfather would do to you when you were a kid. Seeing that a disable child touches her kid, this mother went up to him and beat him severally, shouting him to never touch her kid again.

This kind of discrimination happens regularly, and as we collected other stories, we wrote the life of one of these children.

Directed by Min Sung Ah & Jean-Julien Pous
Music: Evening in paris, original performance of Alexa Sage (youtube.com/watch?v=iBQGIcbqyvg)

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