The 2010 G-20 Toronto summit protests began one week ahead of the summit of the leaders of the G-20 on 26-27 June in Toronto, Canada. The protests were for various causes, including poverty and anti-capitalism. Downtown Toronto was quickly transformed into a police state by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who was determine to send his repressive message to the population of Canada. The message was received loud and clear by thousands of people. The essence of the message was that their rights were null and void to accommodate the world leaders of the G20 summit. Police from around the country stepped up to enforce the heavy hand of the state, tactics included the use of chemical weapons, violent kidnapping, physical assault, and inhumane detention. Nearly a year after police undertook the largest mass arrests in Canadian history at the G20 summit, the vast majority of the 1,105 people arrested on June 26 and 27 were released without charge or had their charges dropped. Brutality inflicted on the people by the Police at the G-20 Toronto summit, has been compiled to create the first installment in the series (Police Break Bad: 2010 G-20 Toronto summit protests).

Police Break Bad is an ongoing series of short videos highlighting police brutality from around the world, cataloging the many instances in major events and day to day life.

Police Break Bad playlist:

Music: Theater by Marilyn Manson

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