Client // 5 Gum
Agency // Clemenger BBDO

Description //
5Gum brings you STEALTH – a groundbreaking new app that enables you to hear your Facebook feed undercover. STEALTH reads your news feed aloud to you, and its built in motion-gesture technology, allows you to control Facebook with just the shake of your hand - meaning you can use Facebook anytime, anywhere day or night.

My role in the project was to bring to life the schoolroom to cinema transition scene. In a brief that went along the lines of 'we'd kind of like you to make it look like Inception' - so nothing too crazy then. The finished item was a scene that deconstructed and then reconstructed itself as the camera move pans around. It was all created in C4D with a number of different cloners and effectors controlling the dozens of elements.

The other part I had a hand in was the gyroscopic hand device (as seen in the poster image for the movie above). This was created using a number of illustrated elements and some 3D moves in C4D.

Credits //
Toby Royce // Compositing, Design, 3D Animation
Neal Coghlan // 3D Animation

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