sayyed elesteghfar ( master of seeking allah expitation) : allah ,u r my god, u created me and I am your slave and I try 2 keep your promise as I could, I confess your blessings on me and I confess my sins,so expit my sins as u only spit sins (saying this guarantee death if u died). allah, i deposit with u what i read and memorized so give it back 2 me when i need it as u can do anything, allah i seek from u the understanding of prophets and the memorizing of the sent angels ( this s 2 be said when studying).

The Believer honor is night praying & his self esteem is doing without people .Beware of minor polytheism ( riyaa) as Allah is the richest &Riyaa is more hidden than a black ant on a black stone on a so dark night.Siwak is a satisfaction for Allah & anger for satan & purity for mouth.The least in Heaven will have 10 as much as whole universe or 15 as much as a king possessions or be seated given whatever he wishes & the same as it but the least in hell will be stepped on a coal from which his head boils.people in heaven donot spit,excrete or urinate , they are transparent from beauty with mirror livers ,their sweat is mask & meet each friday with renewal beauty .Their status differ as different planets.As in Hadiths
47- Muslim also shouldnot call his brother a disbeliever or he will be the disbeliever in Allah sight, a Muslim shouldnot CURSE or the curse will return to him & shouldnot Call names not to lose Rewards & be loaded with the sins of those whom he called names & be bankrupt as the the Prophet (PUH) described even if he did lots of Good Deeds , he should also avoid Calling to Deviation or he will be loaded with the sins of his followers But if He guides to the Good, he doubles his Reward.

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