This was my original video for the EF Global Intern 2014 application, but I realized it needed to be under three minutes. This was my original intent, and I had to cut back a lot on my re-edit.

I found out about this internship during a five-day break in town from working in the rainforest, and immediately realized this was something I needed to do. I have a lot of experience with studying abroad, traveling, and education (I worked as a lecturer at Chelsea Public Schools, Boston, teaching high school subjects to immigrants from places like Guatemala and Honduras, so they could earn their GED). I've also lived in Boston for the past four years, one of the places with a big Education First HQ. Being the EF Global Intern 2014 is a perfect fit for me, and I am very excited to have this opportunity.

With not much time, no other people to help me out, and barely any props to work with. I had to get creative and work with what I had on my computer. It's amazing how far a bit of creativity will get you when you're determined enough...especially when you're working with such a simple program like Windows Movie Maker.

During my travels, I've learned there is something special about sharing stories with a stranger, in a strange land, in a strange language, and still being able to mutually understand each other. You realize that We are all humans, all citizens of the same world, and we have so much to learn from all our similarities, as well as from all of our differences.

All photos and video were taken by me (except the ones I'm in obviously!) during my travels. I sincerely hope this video demonstrates my creativity and determination to whoever watches it. I've worked hard to be the person I am today, but have also been blessed with many great opportunities. I know I can continue the trend as the EF Global Intern 2014.

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