I´ve got mixed feelings when I see the game between England and Denmark.
On one side I see the potential of some players but on the other hand I feel that they are second best in many aspects of the game.
England will be a threat when are able to play wide and exploit pace, because they have pace to burn, and they are a great running team.
But there are many problems to address when it comes to the build-up. This is definitely their chink in their armour. We are gonne see some examples here in this video report.
Rooney should be, as well, a concern for the manager. He´s a pivotal players that should be at his best in Brazil to have any chance of doing something great.
On the other hand Sturridge is hitting some heights that not many people expected.
England won´t be favorites in Brazil, and that´s something they should capitalize, but either they sort out their problems in the built-up or it will be no chance of being a real threat for the likes of Brazil, Spain or Germany.
Anyway this is only "stage one" and there´s time to redress some mistakes and be the surprise package.

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