Kosovo – a new name on the world map? A country with an ancient history and even older conflicts – a place of legend to some, home to others. A new state struggeling for acceptance. Not only legislature is fighting for survival here in Kosovo. Kosovo ranks among the poorest countries in Europe: According to the World Bank's 2005 report, 37% of the population live on less than € 1.42 per day. Every third Kosovar is unemployed, in the age group below 24 this figure rises to an incredible 70%. The highest prevelance of poverty is to be found among.

The film "Kosova, One Way Ticket to Babylon" is a documentary about life in the Kosovo eight years after the war. It is sad to see a country in the heart of Europe whose impressions call to mind the poverty and distruction seen in many third world countries today which are still crisis-ridden by civil war and exploitation. Kosovo is a country that has lost its national identity, with no laws to inforce and no economy to build on. The war (1998-1999) has left its scars. Post-war reconstruction efforts are hamperd by the desasterous state of economy. After meeting some of the families living in Kosovo, it seems the often used term „poverty" has gained a new dimension. The Kosovo enjoys the regular intrest of the world-wide media, but only seldom are there any reports on the desasterous day to day living conditions experienced by most Kosovans. With this film I gave the people in Kosovo a voice to reach the World.

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