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Intro videos are just a little way that Endless Wave has defined how couples are introduced into their reception. Instead of your couples being introduced by an emcee, we believe a couple should have all of their intros done via a fun video for the family and friends to enjoy. We love learning about everyone we film and in the case of Kaylin and Jim, we weren't even filming their wedding. They simply wanted a cool intro video. So together we came up with a concept for a romantic comedy based on their lives. Its cute, and most of the silliness of the film are only known by the couple and their friends and family, so it made it extra special when they premiered it last weekend at their wedding. I wasn't in the building. but Jim called me to let me know that the group gathered at their wedding could not believe what they were watching...a real movie starring the couple. Everyone was floored! There were no hired actors in this. It was all the couple and their family and friends who helped and did an amazing job too!

Combined with the awesome talents of SCE Event Group, Jason Jani introduced the film in the only way he knows how, taking the audience on a journey with him to set the mood. The simple combination of Endless Wave and SCE Event Group once again proves to be a smart choice. I want to thank Jason and the entire team for showing the film in such an awesome way!

Enjoy this awesome Intro Video :: The Match

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