Crossing over a variety of cultural niches within Calgary, Abundance was a festival for celebrating, honoring and discovering. The day consisted of free workshops, a locally grown dinner party, a collaborative art exhibition, live painting, inspirational speakers, an interactive dance performance and local bands & DJ's all night long.

Shot & Edit by Jason Wright and Tom Pendergrast
Festival Organization by The Jazzlib, The AREA and Light & Soul

The law of abundance states that there is plenty and prosperity in all things. The universe holds abundance in all energy forms and provides unlimited options for anything and everything we could want or need. Abundance is not simply about wealth or financial energy; it is a mindset that everything you need will be provided for you because the universe exists in abundance. Your energetic vibration determines what you attract, and what you attract comes to you in abundance. Look around your life and observe your patterns and beliefs about love, success, money, creative expression, and personal fulfillment. There will be a common thread between all areas of life that will be evident through the law of abundance. If you are trusting in one area of your life, it will show up in all areas. If you are fearful in one area, it will also show up in all areas since it relates to the same root cause. The key determinant is the energetic vibration you hold around self-worth.

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