This is my exam project for Video Production and 3D class, the assignment was to create an own short cg film, I decided to go with a cartoony UFO invasion of the city I live in.

The view is out of my apartment in Ghent, Belgium.
I made the UFO somewhere in the past month, but the animation, compositing, particles etc, was done in 4 days, as that was all the time I had left.

Sadly enough I didn't have time left to add sound, but I might add it lateron.

Software used:
3D Model, Rig, Animation, Particles & Texturing: Autodesk 3D Studio Max 2010, Mental Ray & FumeFX plugin
Small MattePainting: Photoshop CS4
Compositing: Fusion 5.3, Adobe After Effects CS4

Hardware used:
Footage Recorded: Canon EOS 500D

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