A Peregrine's Perspective is a short film capturing the beauty grandeur of the Pacific Northwest from the sky.

When I used to live in Portland, I would frequent local rock climbing crags in Columbia River Gorge. One time, while 400 feet off the ground on a rock climb at Beacon Rock, I remembering hearing the distinct sound of a Peregrine Falcon flying at mach speeds (they can reach upwards of 200MPH). It is a common occurrence to look off in the distance and see these majestic (and protected) birds of prey soaring in the Gorge winds. I have always imagined what it would be like to see the Pacific Northwest like the Peregrine does.

I utilized a DJI Phantom with a Zenmuse Gimbal for the flight. Filmed 100% with GoPro Hero 3+ black edition. Shot at 2.7k ProTune Raw.

Music: "Open Arms" by Tony Anderson licensed through The Music Bed. (TheMusicBed.com)
Software: Graded and edited in Final Cut Pro X.

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