This video was captured north of Vancouver Island, B.C. during the full moon in August, 2013. Sea Butterflies, Comb Jellies, Sea Gooseberries and Hooded Nudibranch appeared at dusk.

Special thanks to Dave Olsen, Moondance skipper, who navigated to the Magic !! I’d been searching for translucent and bioluminescent sea creatures to video for coming art installations. This is a sketch. The video elements will see increasing degrees of processing, as I attempt merge concepts about geologic time and memory with the question of life elsewhere in our universe.

The audio is derived from sounds recorded at the rain forest location of OSA EARS, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Thanks to OSA Conservation, The SETI Institute and Nikki van Schyndel @ Echo Bay EcoVentures. Thanks also to the Magic Lantern community for the 5D MKIII RAW video capability and to Andrew Reid for long distance tech assistance just as the boat was leaving port.

Charles Lindsay

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