Kate White shares a seven minute overview of the fascinating and growing field of pre and perinatal psychology. In this interview with Kindred, Kate shares:
1. The foundation and pioneers of the field
2. How the field is now re-organizing and shifting from a focus on trauma to a wellness blueprint
3. How multiple modalities and diverse practitioners can be a part of this new model (see APPPAH's curriculum and training program here irthpsychology.com)
4. What babies want
5. What adults want
6. What parents can do to help their babies feel safe, wanted, welcome, heard, like they belong and protected.
7. How it is never too late to heal, as this is our basic blueprint for life, not the wounding and trauma

Kate is the Director of Education at APPPAH, the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology, at birthpsychology.com

Read more from Kate White on Kindred at:kindredcommunity.com/author/kate-white/

Visit the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health at birthpsychology.com

Visit Kate's private practice at: belvederearts.com/bodywork/

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