Retro FLOOD TV - FLDTV0076
The 76th FLOOD real-time VJ video. Recorded in 2011


Ry Legit -

Music: Ry Legit
Visual Styling & VJ’ing: FLOOD
Original Footage: "The Terminator" by James Cameron

VJ Video Retrospective - FLDTV0076 - Recorded 2011
I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things I love about VJ’ing is how I can pull in different interests and put my spin on it.
I loved “The Terminator” as a teenager and have seen it many times, so it is interesting to be able to make something new with it.
Akin to music this is like taking an old funk break and building a new dance track out of it.

People who like my stuff typically seem to enjoy the powerful combination of something old and familiar with something new and fresh.

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