Our pal Shaggy has seen a lot over the years, but he's never seen a snowman come to life. At least, not until now! This year with the assistance of some helpful penguins and a magical snowman that can bring winter to the tropics, Shaggy goes on yet another Holiday shopping spree to spread the Best Buy Gift Card love to everyone!


Client: Best Buy
Agency: Best Buy Yellow Tag
Creative Director: Bill Hewett
Executive Producer: Lynne Glaus
Writer/Producer: Peter Mullin, 14 Pictures, Inc.

Design & Animation: Gasket Studios
Creative Director: Joe Krause
Art Director: Amanda Dege
Look Artist: Tiffany Borchardt
Senior Technical Director: Justin Greiner
Animators: Amanda Dege, Nate Dorn, Tom Lubanovic
Simulation Artist: John Zilka
Associate Producer: Dan Helgemoe
Executive Producer: Tammy Kimbler

Music & Sound: BWN Music
Composer: Jack Ventimiglia
Sound Designer: Carl White
Executive Producer: Annie Sparrows

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