Alright folks, first of all, if you don't already have the Human Eye record "4:Into Unknown" then you ought to do yourself a favor and pick up a copy at Goner Records: It's so easy!! Of course you want the record with that awesome full-color artwork by Timmy Vulgar, but you also get a download code for all your digital hooey!


Timmy Vulgar - What can I say about Timmy that hasn't already been said? Dude has fronted some of the best, most AUTHENTIC punk bands to come out of the Detroit area. We're talking Human Eye of course, as well as Timmy's Organism, The Epileptix and of course the much-loved Clone Defects. He is also a pretty damned great artist who designs awesome record covers and tons of show flyers, as well as painting some truly mutated masterpieces - Many of which were used as backgrounds in this video. And he makes a mean taco!

Johnny LZR - That's the stoic one ticklin' the ivories. A prolific composer of gnarly sonic landscapes, LZR's work in Human Eye shows only one facet of the artist. Check out his solo work at

Brad Hales - In addition to his bass attack in Human Eye, Brad Hales owns the premiere Detroit record store Peoples Records - Oh yeah, and he's a longtime DJ specializing in rare soul, and he gets flown to all kinds of parties to spin records.

Colin Simon - Aside from being a baddass drummer in Human Eye, Colin plays guitar and sings for the excellent Frustrations -

Also starring Josh Spooner as The Exterminator. Josh is fresh talent, having answered my craigslist posting for "Creature Design". He did an awesome job on the bug costume, exactly what we wanted! He has also done some other pretty great work, including a futuristic miniature city for another project, puppetry, stop-motion, etc. If you are a film-maker looking for special effects at an affordable rate, looking no further than my man Josh Spooner -

Let's see, what else. Best boy alert!! My good friend Brian Capadagli played the bottle-dude in the liquor store. He helped out a ton that day, slugging equipment around, problem-solving and it was him that moved the bug for the stop-motion scene.

Another pal, Gary Watts, helped out tremendously with the band's greenscreen footage. Gary is a talented filmmaker as well. Check out his awesome short "Dreams of a Blind Woman", which I'm still surprised is "just' a student film, here! -

Thanks to all of you!! Thanks also to my lovely wife, whose patience with me was commendable as I took forever doing effects on this. Love ya baby!

Whoops, one last thing - I just realized (thru Carjack) that I've pimped everyone but myself! Well it really isn't my style, but let me say this - I would love to make more music videos. If you want to get a hold of me, hit my email at

Alright, enough jabbering. Please enjoy responsibly!

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