On this first outing into town, a line-up featuring the same musicians (except replace Gwilly with Dario Lozano-Thornton, guitar) had already done their first improvised set outside Fenwick's. Unfortunately this wasn't documented; they were moved on by security, although not with any particular force or aggression.

Here, the quartet scope the ambience of Old Eldon Square in a setting that doesn't impose on its users particularly, but instead makes a presence felt of some critical beaks pitting the surface of complacency ever-so gently, revealing, in this instance, a kindred understanding among certain members of the public who later, very politely, had a brief discussion with the troupe's leader, Tom MacMillan. The most esteemed Stephen Ferrell was also in attendance, having been drawn to the site by its sound from afar.

Bernat Duran [off-camera, to the left] - fiddle
Gwilly Edmondez - Casiotone SA1
Tom MacMillan - guitar
Jonny Winter - melodica

Filmed from a single propping by Gustav Thomas at Old Eldon Square, Newcastle, February 6, 2014, at about 15.00.

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