With just 1.5 million people in a country the size of Maryland, it’s easy to overlook Guinea-Bissau. It’s the fourth poorest nation in the world and two-thirds of the population survives on less than $2 a day.
Women and girls spend long hours several times a day walking for water. Many children fortunate enough to attend school spend hours walking to distant schools only to receive inadequate education.There are only a handful of doctors and medical services for most citizens is non existent. Sewage seeps into the same ground where well-water is drawn from. It’s not surprising that the average life-expectancy age is 47.
I wanted to do something to help as there are no charitable services available there. So, I adopted a tiny village and set up a project called “It Takes a Village”. Our mission is to build schools and wells in the rural areas of Guinea Bissau.

Please join us on the journey!

Help Build a School 4 West Africa - buildingschools4africa.org/
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