Last year, I have come to meet the local paragliding community during a spot landing competition on the beautiful island of Lombok, Indonesia. I am now trying to help them develop and promote this wonderful sport. Their enthusiasm is tremendous, they give up every free day they have to drive or hike to flyable or soaring sites, dragging their old equipment up steep hills in this hot and humid climate, cutting their way through thick weeds and bushes in order to become airborne for a few minutes. Most of them dream of becoming international XC pilots.

There are currently 6 active pilots on the island, and they share 3 very old M size gliders among them.
You can help this super keen flying community by checking in your garages and attics for any EN-A or B gliders in S and XS size. If you have any wings or other equipment that you could miss, no longer use, or have completely forgotten about, you could really help these people out! Note, the equipment needs to be airworthy, not old rags for groundhandling.
I would personally arrange logistics and shipping and handling from Europe back to Indonesia, as postal systems and import duties are too complicated and expensive here.
I am back in Europe for a month in Mai, after which I will fly back to Indonesia and hope to take 3 or 4 gliders with me.

Please contact me by PM if you can help.

Thank you all in advance, your help is very much appreciated


Please share this link if you don't have any equipment, who knows some of your friends do...

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