For some reason there's a lot of moire/aliasing when played on Google Chrome but on any other browser it works fine. Feel free to download original file for best viewing pleasure.

"The death of a dream can be a sad, ugly thing. And it doesn't get much more sad or ugly than the long, slow death of one man's dream that we're seeing here in Vernon lately: the death of Camp Sussex. With nearly fifty buildings spread out over 122 scenic acres, Camp Sussex on Route 565 in Glenwood operated on the shore of Lake Glenwood for over 80 years. Dedicated to providing underprivileged city kids with a fun summer camp experience, it served over 60,000 such children over the decades."

Spur of the moment trip to this abandoned camp. It was cold and sketchy, but it was a success. Pretty cool place.

Shot and Edited by: Karl Anthony
Production Assistant: Spencer Brooke
Music by: Luke Neumann

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