Good morning. Welcome to Cyber Secrets. In this episode, we will cover anti forensics using the USB rubber ducky.

Jeremy Martin, the voice and creator of this video, explains that you can still maintain a level of anonymity with a little effort. Cyber Secrets was spawned while writing The Beginner's guide to the Internet Underground and will cover a lot of how-tos along with explanations of hacking, forensics, and general information security.

Bio of the creator:
Jeremy Martin is a Senior Security Researcher that has focused his work on Red Team penetration testing, Computer Forensics, and Cyber Warfare. Starting his career in 1995, Mr. Martin has worked with Fortune
200 companies and Federal Government agencies. He has received numerous awards for service. He has been teaching Advanced Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, SCADA/ICS security,
Security Management, and more since 2003. As a published author he has spoken at security conferences around the world. Current research projects include SCADA security, vulnerability analysis, threat profiling,
exploit automation, anti-forensics, and reverse engineering malware. In a past life, he was also a freelance artist

CDCS, etc…

Board of Directors for Infragard, Denver Chapter (2006-2009)
CHS officer of American College of Forensic Examiners Int’l (2005-2008)
Advisory Board for the Business Espionage Controls and Countermeasures Association

Published work: The Art of Casual Wireless Hacking, The Beginner's Guide to the Internet Underground, & the Cyber Intelligence Report Contributing editor for Blacklisted 411, Engine Builder,, Hackin9, IQ Magazine, Successful Dealer, and The Business Espionage Report (TBER). Work used in post graduate courseware.

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