Singapore-born Danny Yong (full name Danny Yong Ming Chong), a widely respected veteran of Asian macro markets, is CEO & CIO and Portfolio Manager at Dymon Asia. Dymon Asia is a Singapore-based Asian Global Macro hedge fund and was funded by Tudor Investment Corp. After solid returns in 2009 and 2010, the fund is already up +13.39% net by end of April 2011. Asset base is close to US-$ 1 bn including future commitments.

Danny Yong started his career at JP Morgan and was Head of FX & Rates Trading (South-East Asia) at Goldman Sachs (HK & Tokyo), a Managing Director (Macro Investments) at Citadel Investment Group (Hong Kong) and Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of Hong Kong-based Abax Global Capital before spinning out Dymon Asia in 2008.

This Opalesque.TV BACKSTAGE interview is a fascinating portrait of a leading global macro thinker and star trader. Danny Yong reflects what it takes to become a star trader and hedge fund manager and lays out Dymon Asia's path to become one of Asia's leading, home grown global macro power houses.

Hear Danny speak about how Global Macro has evolved over last 5 years: Global Macro becoming Local Macro, the changed role of emerging markets and the emerging new financial world order. He shares valuable insights and intelligence like:

- An assessment of Chinese policies over last 10 years
- Will the Renminbi be fully convertible by 2014?
- Will SDRs replace the US-$?
- What is behind the asset bubble across all markets since 2000?
- Is there trouble ahead in Food & Real Estate markets as governments regulate asset markets with "social implications"
- Why equities will benefit long term
- How Asian hedge funds will grow to multi billion size

Dymon Asia's investment team has a 20 years average investment experience and is led by Danny. Dymon Asia targets a 20% target net return with 12% volatility and focuses on Asian and G10 markets in FX, interest rates and futures.

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