Wowzers!! This session is so awesome! I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever used that word, ‘wowzers’ before. Anyway, we are excited to welcome Brooke Shaden of Brooke Shaden Photography to the show, today.

Brooke is a gifted storyteller. Through her imagery and her written words, she steals your attention and demands your imagination – all with a delicate, and unassuming touch.

We came to know of Brooke through a family connection. A few years ago, Jess’ father and Brooke both worked in the same building in Hollywood. One evening we sat down with Dad as he showed us Brooke’s work. We were amazed! We were instantly in love. Brooke’s self-portrait fine art work is quite frankly, remarkable. We wanted to find out how, in just a few short years, Brooke has sky rocketed her business to the upper echelons.

Brooke shot a video that really gives you a wonderful glimpse into who she is as an artist, and creative who calls the industry to a higher standard of beauty.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:
• How to take advantage of who you are to grow your business
• How to create your own opportunities
• Why you should write down what types of things you want to do with your time

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