This video was filmed using the Canon 1DC in 4K (playback on Vimeo is 1080p). The video is ungraded. Not even an exposure adjustment. Not even contrast. The footage hasn't been sharpened either. The extra dynamic range has been achieved by recording in the Canon Log mode. Of course, I could, and may go on to grade this. However, I love the feel of this footage. This video isn't about about sharpness but the cinematic feel from the dynamic range. I didn't realise quite how good the footage would feel. My Canon Log sets the profile sharpness to minimum, so I would need to sharpen this footage in post or edit the profile in the camera menu to get a sharper image. Or not shoot wide open lol! The thing I always loved about my Canon's was the natural feel.

Lenses used were the 70-200L 2.8 IS, 24-70 2.8MKII, 35L, 85L

A simple video that shows why I love this little camera. This video has been output in 1080p for Vimeo. You can still, in my opinion, see the quality benefit at 1080p. It would be even more apparent if I had filmed with a wider depth of field. i.e. F8 instead of 1.4.

Still loving that I flew in discreetly with a DSLR and walked away with 4k footage in Canon Log and edited this on my laptop on the flight home.

4K YouTube Link
Select 4K. (Its still compressed and doesn't do the original justice)

Questions are always welcome.


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