Year: 2012/ 2555

Media: Video installation, one video channel with sound, (a wall flat monitor with media box player, a dining Taiwanese set: a table, a chair, a set of a Taiwanese noodle bowl, a spoon, a pair of chop sticks, a table mat, table cloth, a glass of water and a napkin.)

{Audio rate 44.1 kHz, Depth - 16 bit, Stereo, Color, 16:9}

Very Quiet, Please! is a work that challenge Japanese noodle eating habit that appreciate to relieve themselves while eating. They take a sip of soup from bowl and suck up noodles into their mouth quickly without down the noise which occurs while eating. It is different from general behavior of Japanese that wary themselves by strict manners in order to carefully minimize the aggravation in every action. Sound is also one of the matters that Japanese respects other. They prefer sotto voce to silence in public’s sphere. For example, they put down the volume of music in shop and public area and do not chat and turn sound off on a phone in public train or bus.

I had a chance to visit a small village in a valley where is in the north of Tokyo with Japanese friends. We stopped by a little shop for lunch. While we were eating, an auntie, who was a chef and shop owner, was laughing at me. She said I ate the food too gentle. She suggested me to eat wildly in order to express my desire to eat and how delicious the food is. Usually, I behave my eating like Japanese while I am in Japan, but sometimes I lose conscious and eat the way I habitually eat. From this event made me thinking to have Japanese eat noodle in the way they are not familiar with.

I invited Japanese artists who are residence at Tokyo Wonder Site-Aoyama to eat noodle for lunch. I offered the noodle soup that I cooked myself. Once the lunch started, I served a bowl of noodles to every guest. After the lunch started for a while, I asked them to eat and move without making any noise. As if someone eavesdrops on without seeing us, they should not know we are eating noodles.


In order of appearance in the video

Ishu Han
Toru Inoue
Kazuhide Kawamura
Yoshiro Hasegawa

Collaborative artist:

Mohamed Abdelkarim (2nd Camera)

Noor Abuarafeh (Assistant Director)

This work is produced under the TWS Aoyama:
Creator-in-Residence International Creator Residency Program 2012

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