Eyewear has become a style object. 15% of non-tinted spectacles actually have no prescription. People
are just buying them as a style item. Good design is a platform for self-expression. Just like eyewear, the Jewel of Sound introduces a new way of thinking whereby hearing aids can no more be seen as medical devices, normally hidden by skin colour but instead as an accessory to ”show off” this disability.

The Jewel of sound is a custom made, modular hearing aid. It is repositioned from behind the ear to the front for a more natural sound. Moreover, several interchangeable accessories can give the product different aesthetic value. Innovative forms and materials such as thermosensitive PVC (changes colour according to the body temperature) enable the product to be customised by the user to reflect their personality.

Due to its modular form and the use of unconventional materials, the “Jewel of Sound” translates the disability into a super-ability reflecting the trend of Wearable Tech.

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