Penn State University - School of Visual Arts
Fall 2013
ART 316 Video Art
Professor: Eduardo Navas
Assignment 3: Graphics/Still Images and Video (no sound)
Create two separate 15 second videos that use type/graphics along with still images and actual video. You cannot use sound, but each video must make the viewer "hear" sound by the way it is shot or edited.
The first video must deal with the body and performance (interpret these terms based on the readings from chapter one in New Media in Art). You can include your body, or the body of another person, but you cannot just show a person in front of the camera doing something. The body must be abstracted so that it becomes metaphorical, but we must also know that it is a body. You can also use multiple bodies. The relation of the camera to the body must connote an intimate moment, but the overall video must present conceptually or metaphorically a "public space." (interpret public space based on how we deal with privacy changing due to our constant connectivity with social media).
The second video must make evident that the main character is the video camera. You must shoot an intimate space while making a statement that is only relevant as a public action. (Interpret this as you like).
You are to present the videos seperately. In other words, don't edit them into a one 30 second video, but two 15 second videos. They cannot be longer or shorter than 15 seconds. You will be graded down if you are unable to make exactly a15 second video.
Concept development:
You are free to focus on any concept or subject of your choice. If you're not sure, look over the weekly readings and also review the links provided for the last few weeks. If you are still not sure after doing this, please meet with the instructor during lab hours or make an appointment outside of class to discuss your ideas further.Your video should make some type of commentary on an issue of your interest: politics, culture, gender, class difference, history of video art or formal aspects of video as a medium, or other subject you may be researching at the moment.
Technical/Formal Requirements:
Both videos must show tension between the main "characters" (body/camera) and their enrironments.You need to use text at least one time. The text must be a crucial open ended statement(s) that helps you make your point in each video.You need to use at least one still image in each video. You can use cinemegraphs if you like but this is not necessary.You must use video as well.You must consider the rhythm in your editing as discussed in class critique. For instance, when you let a shot/image linger or not, it must be for a reason.You cannot use sound, but each video must make us "hear" sound by the way it is shot or edited.You can have as many scenes/shots/edits as you like for each video.You can use any special effects you may want to add with any software of your choice. You will be graded this time on the quality of your video and lighting.You must mix your sound well and not go into the red.You must shoot your own footage, but you can use some pre-existing material if it is necessary for your idea. Go over this option with the instructor before moving ahead.

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