Lucy shops for groceries for her elderly mother but had to work late on the day of her weekly trip. Our Community Member Sara lives near a Woolies and can drop off what Lucy’s mum needs, saving Lucy worry and stress.

This is Tracey. And this is her husband Tom. After six months Tracey was still waiting for Tom to hang the bathroom mirror. She took matters into her own hands and called us. Ben completed the job in a Jiffy. Tracy was happy, Ben earned a few dollars, and Tom enjoyed his day off.

Joey, Sam and Dave were so excited to get to the Wanderer’s game. But Joey forgot to bring their supporters gear. One quick call to The Delivery Van and the boys were chanting their hearts out.

All this and more is possible using The Delivery Van.

The Delivery Van is the new business that provides everyday services and errands at affordable prices. With no task too small, our mission is to be an extra set of hands when you need them.

The Delivery Van matches you with local, capable people who can perform all the tasks and household jobs you need done.

We’re bringing the community together and putting the pricing power back in your hands. Like The Delivery Van on Facebook to keep up on what’s happening in your area.

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