the ending of a 1:15 hrs talk of Charles Eisenstein today.
because the sound is not so good, here most of his words:

"..and in a traditional village, it's obvious, that, the more you give, the wealthier you are..

it's obvious because, it's a sharing society..

if i have more than i need, i give it to you, and if you have more than you need, you give it to her, and you give it to her, and naturally, it comes back..

therefore, your wealth is my wealth, and your sickness is my sickness

this is the truth, that we have forgotten in my country, the truth of usable chairs of 500 people and 500 chairs .. and that all the time...
(he before spoke of his often made example of the comparison of our money system and the "game of musical chairs" [german: "Reise nach Jerusalem"] - you always make the experience that there is not enough for all people)

and, many people now, in my country, they know that they lost something, and that's why - sometimes - they come to india, because we hope that, maybe, we can find it here, find, what is false

i've had a vision, of a world, that is built on top of this new - and ancient - story..

i know that it's possible, because sometimes, i see a glimpse of it..

even in the game of pressure … and elbow, sometimes i see something generous anyway.. here.. here is a chair for you..!

and i think we can build a world of that, build a world, where we see: every me as alive, and intelligent, and sacred

maybe, when we think about politics, and development policy, you can think of this disrespect of the sacredness, of the land, and the water and the trees..

and maybe, when you think about your life, and your future, and your choices in school or in your career, you can ask the same question:

you can say, which direction respects what is sacred to me???

i'd like to end with a small invitation:

to spend maybe 2 minutes very very quietly, and feel the presence inside you, of the gift that you care, that you wish to give to what is sacred in the world..

because after all, we all know, that: life is a gift!

and when you see your gift, you wish to give - to somebody else…

so let's just be quiet, and feel the presence of your gift - and your desire, to give…"

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