This video is about how Rodney Lee Kincaid created "CLASSIC DECISIONS"

I guess it is in the Kincaid bloodline. Kincaid's for 500 years have a long line of painters. Rodney Kincaid has been a investment banker for 25 years and is now painting. Self taught and enjoying himself. He use oil, latex, ink, discarded house paint all on canvas usually 10 to 14 point. He paints, then stretches later. He does small napkin works and large 8-10 feet murals.

He paints in Ohio and displays in London and Singapore. He also put groups of painting together on one minute movies, with my special MOOD music.

Rodney Kincaid remain active running finance companies. He owns in several movies in production and operating solar and wind farms around the world. His passion is painting. He loves both finance in film and energy and painting.

He is planning shows in Singapore and Shanghai in 2015.

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